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The Graduate and Professional Student Association is comprised of three bodies: the Executive, the Assembly, and the Judiciary, the former two of which are elected each year by the graduate and professional student body in April.

Executive Board: The Executive Officers are the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. They are responsible for running the GPSA. Other voting members of the Executive Board include the Faculty Senator and the Chair of the Graduate Student Caucus. These members are required to attend the Assembly meetings with the further obligation of serving on representative faculty boards. For a full list of members in these positions, click here.

The Assembly:  The Assembly is comprised of delegates representing the Academic Colleges and the Law School. The Assembly votes to pass resolutions, approve appointments and expenditures, and all other responsibilities as outlined by the constitution and bylaws. There are also five at-large Assembly delegates not tied to an Academic College. Assembly members also sit on committees to help better represent and support graduate and professional students. For a full list of members in these positions, click here.

The Judiciary:  The Judiciary consists of three students, appointed by the President, and approved by the Assembly. The judiciary is responsible for the interpretation of the GPSA governing documents, serves as the nominations board and elections committee, audits the finances of the GPSA, as well as other items as outlined in the bylaws and constitution. For a full list of members in these positions, click here.

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