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As with any large empire that is continuously expanding, the most important area to maintain and control is its boundaries, without full control of its borders it is impossible to continue the expansion processes.  The Roman Army was incredibly good at conquering its opponents using both its superior maneuverability and discipline.  However, when it came to occupying and maintaining its borders after conquest the Roman Empire lacked a...

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Overall Strategy

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A grand strategy would be concerned with primarily the empire’s allocation of resources among several military and policy goals, and it would be intertwined with politics, diplomacy, economics, and questions of peace and war (Kagan, 333).  Ancient historians have come to the conclusion that the Romans did not conceive of an imperial grand strategy.  This is because there was not a coherent systematic plan through the development of the...

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Composition of the Roman Army and Formations

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The Roman Army was organized into military units comprised of the Roman Legion and the Auxilia.  The Legion was Roman citizens, and was about 6,000 men strong.  The Auxilia was organized of non-citizens, and a large variety of kinds of troops.  During the reign of the Roman Empire, the number of Roman Legions ranged from a low of 25, to a high of about 35 legions.  The division of the legion was split into 10 cohorts, and a cohort was split...

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Roman Weapons and Armor

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  Throughout history the Roman armies have been regarded as one of the most effective and strong war machines. Roman armies can be seen in film and in book even today in our modern world discussing their strength and level of fighting. Part of the reason they were so successful in conquering and battling their enemies was there superior armor and weapons that were effective throughout centuries. Below you can find information on some of...

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Roman Leaders (27 B.C. – 305 A.D.)

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The leaders of the Roman Empire no doubt has lots of power and influence in the ancient world.  The figurehead of the republic, the emperors were certainly a factor in the success of the legions.  The Empire was essentially controlled and maintained by the soldiers, the government stabilized and controlled by the emperor. Augustus (27B.C. – 14 A.D.)   (Image Source) Augustus was the most traditional of all Roman leaders.  He came into...

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