Climate change challenges our ability to produce food and fiber, and to maintain the ecosystem services that support that endeavor.  Whether you call it global warming, or climate disruption, or global weirding, it boils down to a monumental cascade of events, physical, biological, social, spiritual, all of it and everything, perpetrated by humans burning fossil fuels, cutting down forests, and intensifying agriculture.

As an educator at Penn State Brandywine, and a global citizen with his own children, I feel compelled to encourage discussion and share information surrounding the climate change issue more and more as this crisis looms larger with each passing day.  I provide these pages as a supplement and follow-up to the presentations I give and classes I teach, and a resource for anyone who stumbles upon them.  It will always be a work in progress, and an eclectic mix of what I’m doing, and get around to posting.  I look forward to any feedback from others curious and concerned about how we move forward to confront what is perhaps humanity’s greatest challenge.