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AWS Educate Faculty Cloud Ambassador

AWS Educate Faculty Cloud Ambassador
AWS Educate Faculty Cloud Ambassador

I am very excited to have been named a new 2020 AWS Educate Cloud Ambassador with the Faculty designation.

The AWS Educate Cloud Ambassador Program is for top-tier cloud educators who serve as ambassadors and evangelists for AWS Educate. These leaders share their knowledge and experience in teaching cloud computing with other educators at their institution, in their community, and around the world. Cloud Ambassadors are recognized in the education community, receive additional professional development, and are eligible for exclusive benefits for helping other educators provide cloud computing learning experiences for their students to prepare them for the modern workforce.[1]

This brings a whole new global network of cloud educators, professionals, and resources into the fold as benefits for the students I work with, the departments I am involved with, and of course myself. My involvement is still early and I’m looking for ways to implement these resources, but it’s a great set of opportunities I’m looking forward to exploring.


Teaching Open Source Web in Bavaria, Germany


I am proud to be a member of the faculty in the Graduate Program in Software Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Hof, Germany. Ich freue mich darauf, wieder nach Deutschland zu gehen.

Feature image: World of Bavaria.

Drupal Talk @ Open Camp, United Nations, NYC

Drupal Talk
Drupal & the College Classroom
I am giving a talk titled “Drupal in the College Classroom” at the United Nations in New York City this summer. The conference is part of the Drupal NYC Camp and Open Camp consortium of open source technology conferences. The United Nations Open Source Innovation Initiative (Unite Open Source) aims to break down barriers to technology innovation through open source governance, communities and collaboration.

Feature image: UN, Wikipedia.

Open Source Web Building in Dublin, Ireland


I am very excited to be traveling to Ireland this year for Drupalcon Dublin potentially to give my talk “Drupal and the College Classroom”. Drupal is a widely popular, scalable, and competent (if used properly), ¬†— not to mention secure — open source content management system for building great web applications of all kinds. I’ve been working with industry and organizations over the past few years creating specifically with Drupal. Recently I took the Acquia Certified Developers test and I am now a Acquia Certified Drupal Developer. The opportunities with open source web content management systems are endless. Go mbeanna√≠ Dia duit (May God bless you.)

Feature image: Dublin travel.

Sr. Web Usability Consultant with EGS

European Graduate School

I am proud to be a part of the growing intellectual community at the European Graduate School. With the main campus in beautiful Saas-fee, Switzerland and a new campus in Malta, this important academic institution continues to make beneficial and necessary impressions on the world. My role at EGS is to advise and consult with the web team that builds