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Open Source Web Building in Dublin, Ireland


I am very excited to be traveling to Ireland this year for Drupalcon Dublin potentially to give my talk “Drupal and the College Classroom”. Drupal is a widely popular, scalable, and competent (if used properly), ¬†— not to mention secure — open source content management system for building great web applications of all kinds. I’ve been working with industry and organizations over the past few years creating specifically with Drupal. Recently I took the Acquia Certified Developers test and I am now a Acquia Certified Drupal Developer. The opportunities with open source web content management systems are endless. Go mbeanna√≠ Dia duit (May God bless you.)

Feature image: Dublin travel.

Acquia Certified Drupal Site Builder

Acquia Certified Developer
Acquia Certified

The Drupal open source content management system is taking the web application world by storm. Initially created by Dries Buytaert, its popularity morphed into a global, world-class platform called Acquia. I recently took the Acquia Certified Developer exam. To continue to push my professional development, industry knowledge, and web building skills forward, I am now an Acquia Certified Drupal Web Builder.

Feature image: Collage by Greg O’Toole of Acquia site and badge.