Sustainable Web Ecosystem Design

Springer Publishing

The first edition of one of my books Sustainable Web Ecosystem Design is published and available from Springer as part of their Springer Briefs in Computer Science Series. I am at work on edition number 2. Free downloads are available in chapter format or full book from Springer.

It’s great to see that many people are finding interest in this important topic, and over 7,000 downloads are currently totaled by Bookmetrix.

Feature image: Sustainable Web Ecosystem Design.

Media, Meaning, & the Legitimation Problem

European Graduate School

Media, Meaning, & the Legitimation Problem from the Eradication of the Meta Narrative to the Present is a book I authored and published with Atropos Press (Dresden, Germany & New York) in 2014. Working with my dissertation advisory committee at European Graduate School in Saas-fee, Switzerland this research project was my Doctoral dissertation.

“The late Jean-Francois Lyotard wrote that metanarratives, that is, the big stories we live by, legitimate our lives both as individuals and collectively, living within societal groups. Lyotard also explained that the metanarrative has been eradicated from Western culture and that efficiency (i.e. a fast-track to profit) is the only model left which leaves the current state of legitimation in a curious position. We are left asking the question: ‘What legitimates?'”

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Acquia Certified Drupal Site Builder

Acquia Certified Developer
Acquia Certified

The Drupal open source content management system is taking the web application world by storm. Initially created by Dries Buytaert, its popularity morphed into a global, world-class platform called Acquia. I recently took the Acquia Certified Developer exam. To continue to push my professional development, industry knowledge, and web building skills forward, I am now an Acquia Certified Drupal Web Builder.

Feature image: Collage by Greg O’Toole of Acquia site and badge.

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