[2016-11-01] Gihoon and Daniel’s paper was featured in the back cover of Journal Lab on a Chip. Congratulations!

[2016-09-28] Our group’s first two journal papers are accepted this past week. Gihoon and Daniel’s paper accepted to Lab on a Chip. Zhuofa’s paper accepted to Sensors. Congratulations!

[2016-08-20] Gihoon’s paper  accepted to IEEE‐NIH 2016 Special Topics Conference on Healthcare Innovations and Point‐of‐Care Technologies (HI-POCT’16).

[2016-08-07] We welcome Theodore Prince (Computer Engineering Junior) to join the lab for developing smartphone interface of our point-of-care molecular diagnostic system.

[2016-06-29] Dr. Guan presented two research talks in Biodefense World Summit held from June 28-29, 2016. Session ‘Tools and technologies at the point-of-care’ and Session ‘Sample Prep Technologies’.

[2016-03-25] Our group is featured in the headline of Penn State News. Electrical engineers create device to diagnose patients more quickly.

[2016-02-25] We welcome Daniel Song (Senior BME undergraduate) to join the lab for research.

[2016-02-29] We are one of the three ENGINE grants this year. ENGINE grants provide funding for engineering faculty entrepreneurs.

[2016-02-19] Welcome to Dr. Xiaonan Yang for one-year research visiting.

[2015-11-24] Our group wins a Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) Pilot Project Funding.

[2015-08-24] Welcome to John DiDonato and Jeff Miller from Schreyer Honors College joining the lab to perform honor thesis research.

[2015-08-17] Gihoon Choi and Zhuofa Chen join the lab. Welcome!

[2015-08-10] Paper on droplet microfluidics for single molecule counting accepted to Scientific Reports.

[2015-06-25] Paper wins Transducer 2015 Outstanding Paper Award Finalist.

[2015-06-23] Paper on charge inversion on nanofluidics published in Nano Letters.

[2015-06-01] Kristina Ly receives Research Experience for Undergraduate (REU) Award for summer 2015. Congratulations Kristina!

[2015-06-01] We welcome Kristina Ly and Parker Reusch to join the lab for summer research.

[2015-02-22] Lab space in 221 Electrical Engineering West is ready to move in.

[2015-01-11] Research group website is up and running.

[2014-03-20] Ion age transport: Developing devices beyond electronics, our review article featured in Nanotechweb by Anna Demming.

[2013-03-31] Nanochannels: Yale Engineers Design the First Functional Artificial Ion Channel. Yale Scientific Magazine.

[2013-03-13] ‘Field Effect Ionics in Nanochannels’ won the Best Oral Paper in Connecticut Symposium on Microelectronics & Optoelectronics.

[2013-01-22] Engineers fabricate ion channels for commercial use. YaleDailyNews Newspaper by Marek Ramilo.

[2013-01-11] Yale Engineers Create Microelectronic Device that Mimics Functions of Real Cells. YaleNEWS by Eric Gershon.

[2012-04-24] New concept for fast, low-cost DNA sequencing device. ScienceDaily.

[2012-03-09] Guan awarded the prestigious 2011 Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-Financed Students Abroad.

[2011-12-20] International Students Win New HHMI Fellowships. Featured in Yale Graduate School of Art and Sciences Newsletter on winning prestigious HHMI fellowship.

[2011-11-09] Work on the Field-effect reconfigurable nanofluidic ionic diodes is covered in YaleNEWS by Eric Gershon, in YaleDailyNews by Mariana Lopez-Rosas and in Brazilian Technological Innovation.

[2011-11-04] Engineers merge ideas from biology and electronics to create new device. Canadian Institute for Advanced Research.

[2011-08-10] Technology development: Electric Traps Can Hold Particles, Opening Up Sequencing Possibility. Genome Technology Magazine.

[2011-08-01] A ‘lab-on-a-chip’: the future of personalized diagnosis. Personalized Medicine.

[2011-08-01] Could Paul’s trap unlock the potentials of personalized medicine? Bioanalysis Magazine.

[2011-06-10] Weihua was awarded a HHMI International Student Research Fellowship. See also media coverage: HHMIScienceNature.

[2011-05-23] Particle trap paves way for personalized medicine:
Science Daily
Yale news release
KentuckyDoc Magazine
R&D Magazine

[2011-04-21] Rediscovered trapping mechanism favors smaller particles, work on AC electrophoretic (ACEP) phenomena is featured in Nanotechweb