Weihua Guan, PhD
Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering & Biomedical Engineering
Email: wzg111 [at] psu [dot] edu

Dr. Guan’s research interests lie in the translational and fundamental understanding and application of microfluidic, microelectronic, and optical technologies in lab-on-a-chip devices for biomedical diagnostics and life sciences. Dr. Guan is a recipient of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute International Student Research Fellowship and Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-financed Students Abroad.


Current Group Members


Past Group Members

  1. Kristina Ly, was EE Undergraduate Student, now at ENERCON Services
  2. John Michael DiDonato, was EE Undergraduate Student, now Forest Devices, Inc.
  3. Jeff Miller, was EE Undergraduate Student, now in the PhD program at Cornell University
  4. Daniel Song, was BME Undergraduate Student, now in the PhD program at Maryland University
  5. Zhuofa Chen, was EE Graduate Student, now NA
  6. Xiaonan Yang, was Visiting Scholar, now at Zhenzhou University