Bassin Bleu

We had finished what we came to do. We helped the people of Jacmel and they had taught us more than we could ever imagine. However, the trip wasn’t over yet. We still had a couple days in Haiti to relax and see the sites. Our group loaded into the back of a truck in our one-piece bathing suits and went on our way to Basin Bleu, a sanctuary in the hills of Jacmel. It’s a collection of basins and waterfalls hidden in the forested area surrounding the city. Before we knew it we were at the top of the mountain with an incredible view of Haiti, a point where we could see the port and the sea as well as the lush greenery that makes up Jacmel.

When we arrived at Basin Bleu, we had a twenty-minute hike in front of us. We were lead by local Haitian tour guides up hills and down rock-faces. After climbing over boulders and slippery rocks, we were lead down on a rope to the main basin. It was breathtaking.

The main basin was 74 feet deep. 74 feet of cool, pristine, bright blue water. It was a refreshing cool temperature in stark contrast to the sweltering heat of the sun. We swam at the foot of the falls and took turns jumping from the cliffs.

Overall, our trip to Basin Bleu was one of my favorite moments of the trip. We got to unwind and have fun at the end of a week of hard work. We were all carefree without a thought in the world, enjoying one of the most beautiful natural wonders Haiti had to offer. Although nothing was more rewarding for me than helping the children and community of Jacmel, you do get a bit of a thrill from jumping off of a 50+ foot high cliff.

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  1. Bruce Beckman says:

    The pictures are amazing, and it looks like a once in a lifetime experience. I have always found cliff jumping to be fun, and 50 feet is not a small jump!

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