GSA 2016


Heading to GSA? Check out what we’ve been up to:

Evan Greenberg – Monday Poster: Evaluating river response to climate change using channel-bar reconstructions in the Willwood Formation, Paleocene-Eocene, northwestern Bighorn Basin, Wyoming, USA.

Liz Hajek – Tuesday AM Talk: Reconstructing bar and channel morphodynamics from ancient river deposits.

Sheila Trampush – Tuesday PM Talk: Modifying climate proxy records through autogenic sedimentation: modeling and examples from the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum.

Ellen Chamberlin – Tuesday PM Talk: Estimating the relative sand-to-mud ratios of paleo-sediment supply: example from the mud-dominated Blackhawk to sand-dominated Castlegate Formation transition, Upper Cretaceous, Utah, USA.