Current Projects

Project Name Funding Source Collaborators
CAREER: Ancient river and floodplain dynamics: a research and education plan for improving paleoenvironmental reconstructions and stratigraphic prediction NSF EAR Sedimentary Geology and Paleobiology
Collaborative Research: The response of calcareous nannoplankton to ocean acidification during the Paleocene-Eocene thermal maximumNSF OCE Ocean Acidification Tim Bralower, PI
Kate Freeman, Lee Kump, Jim Zachos, co-Investigators
Collaborative Research: Patagonian fossil floras, the keys to origins, biogeography, biodiversity, and survival of the Gondwanan rainforest biomeNSF DEBPeter Wilf, PI
Nestor Cuneo, co-Investigator
Evaluating the role of sediment-transport dynamics in organic carbon burial and preservation ACS-PRFKate Freeman
Integrated geoscience and engineering approach to predicting scale breaks in sedimentary deposits: connecting depositional processes to physical rock propertiesPenn State College of EMSZuleima Karpyn

Projects under development

Collaborative Research: Reconstructing paleo-sediment flux from river deposits: toward quantifying sediment discharge from bedform to basin scaleProposal with Vamsi Ganti (UCSB) submitted to NSF
Collaborative Research: Community tools for automated paleoenvironmental interpretation from sedimentary field dataProposal with Ryan Ewing and Tracy Hammond (Texas A&M) submitted to NSF
Constraining thresholds for feedbacks between surface- and deep-Earth processes during rift evolutionProposal with Roman DiBiase, Kevin Furlong, Sarah Ivory, Andy Nyblade, and Andy Smye (PSU) submitted to NSF

Past Projects

Fossil occurrences, associations, and taphonomy in a sequence-stratigraphic framework: testing predictions in the San Andres Formation (Middle Permian, New Mexico)ACS PRFMark Patzkowsky, PI
Collaborative Research: Defining controls on incisional avulsions in alluvial basins NSF EAR Geomorphology and Landuse DynamicsDoug Edmonds, Collaborator
Collaborative Research: Statistical methods for quantifying autogenic stratigraphy in alluvial basinsNSF EAR Sedimentary Geology and PaleobiologyKyle Straub, Collaborator
Fine sediment storage and bypass in sandy fluvial systemsACS PRF