BONUS: HC|CH and Global Programs Presents the “Old Havana Project” and Dr. Felix Lopez

Black & White Photo of Old Havana with two older vehicles and aging buildings

On Tuesday, October 31, we were able to surprise and delight the Stuckeman community with a fantastic talk by Dr. Felix Lopez. Dr. Lopez has a Ph.D. in Historical Sciences and is Associate Professor at University College of San Gerónimo of Havana, with a focus on history, culture and preservation. With the aid of Dr. Pep Avilés, Assistant Professor of Architecture and Stuckeman Career Development Professor in Design, who translated for Dr. Lopez, the Hamer Center enjoyed a Coffee Talk delivered in Spanish. Dr. Lopez shared the socio-cultural, architectural, and historic preservation restoration work that his group has shepherded.

Afterwards, over lunch, members for the Pittsburgh group who hosted Dr. Lopez and Penn State partners from Global Programs and the Stuckeman School had a lively and impassioned conversation about the potential for ongoing collaboration—particularly as a continuation of the work Professor Nat Belcher has already begun in the the exploration of ‘Sister City’ initiatives that the citizen’s group of Pittsburgh is forming.


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