SAVE THE DATE: Energy Policy Film Screening – 23 July 2019

The Hamer Center will be hosting a film screening July 23 @ 6:00pm related to the event below. Stay tuned for details.

Science on Tap: Energy Policy in the Aftermath of Hurricane María
July 16th at 6pm
Federal Taphouse

After the catastrophe caused by 2017’s Hurricane Maria, many Puerto Ricans were left without electricity for months. Now, what is the best plan to radically reform electricity access on the Caribbean island? Better still, how do we reform our national and global energy systems to meet the goal of net-zero carbon emissions? Is Puerto Rico the canary in the coal mine or something more?

Dr. Cecilio Ortiz Garcia and Dr. Marla Perez-Lugo are co-Founders of the University of Puerto Rico’s National Institute of Energy and Island Sustainability, recognized after Hurricane Maria by the Department of Energy as “the foundation in which to firmly establish Puerto Rico as a Center for Excellence on distributed grid operations, and could also provide both the supply of interdisciplinary engineers and policymakers Puerto Rico will need and the expertise other island and remote grid systems will need in their transition to a distributed, resilient electric sector.” Dr. Ortiz is Senior Fellow on Resilience at the National Council for Science and the Environment in Washington DC, as well as Distinguished Research Fellow at the Global Resiliency Institute at Northeastern University in Boston. and Summer Research Scholar in Energy Security and Resilience at PennState. Dr. Perez Lugo is currently an appointed member of the EPA’s and the NIH’s National Advisory Committee, Resilience Fellow at the National Council for Science and the Environment and currently, Summer Research Scholar in Energy Security and Resilience at PennState.
Event poster - Science on Tap: “Energy Policy in the Aftermath of Hurricane María”

About the Author

Lacey K Goldberg
Lacey Goldberg received her MLA in 2014 and is presently working on her dual-title Ph.D. in Architecture and Human Dimensions of Natural Resources and the Environment, both from Penn State. There, she works as a researcher in the Hamer Center for Community Design and as an instructor in Landscape Architecture. Lacey’s graduate work has focused on the visual impacts of energy development, specifically natural gas extractive industries, and their effects on the scenic and cultural landscapes of Pennsylvania and other locales. Her current research focuses on utilizing crowdsourced data and developing procedures for integrating visual and cultural resource conservation into regional scale landscape management plans.
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