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“Bad Water Rising”: Species in Pennsylvania affected by climate change. Artist and researcher: Lacey Goldberg

“Bad Water Rising” is a hydrophobic medium art installation in downtown State College that focuses on local Pennsylvania species that are likely to be affected by climate change and water quality concerns. The art is invisible until it is revealed by the rain, which symbolizes this change. This work is a collaboration between the Hamer […]

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Community Perceptions of Local Foods Monograph

The Community Perceptions of Local Foods Monograph is now in print and available to view. Monograph PDF Abstract: Local food has become a common and loaded term in public discourse. To use the term local food effectively, researchers must better understand the public’s understanding and conceptualization of it. This study sought to better understand the […]

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PhD Candidate Hadighi presents at the Fifth International Conference on the Constructed Environment in Philadelphia

October 16-17, 2014 Title: LOCAL ADAPTATION OF WRIGHTIAN ARCHITECTURE Author: Mahyar Hadighi Abstract: Jane Jacobs’s effort to save historic structures, with the intention of providing diversity in cities, marked the start of the great historic preservation movements of the 1960s and 1970s. Since then, particularly in the United States, concern with historic preservation has steadily […]

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