New Building

We have officially moved into the new building on campus and set up the lab! We can now be found in the Chemical and Biomedical Engineering Building (CBEB) in Room 424. This move happened early enough in the summer that we were able to host the May Motor Meeting in the new building rather than our old space in Hallowell (take a look at the Summer 2019 page in Extras for some pictures and an explanation of what all we got up to at that meeting!).

Now that the lab is back up and running and experiments are soon to be underway, it is time to celebrate all the hard work that was put into a quick and well organized move with only minor setbacks that were handled expertly. We are going to treat ourselves to a picnic with lots of good food, good company and lots of laughs this weekend before it’s back to the lab bright and early Monday morning. Well done, everyone!