Alternative Cake- Wedding Cakes #3

Alright, so for the past few weeks I have been examining the various trends and aspects that go along with wedding cakes. Now, before we get too into this, I am going to be straight up. When I get married, I am having a massive, multi-tier white cake with traditional detailed string work and layered lambeth design. Something like…. This:

possible wedding cake

Yeah… well, in all reality, that may just be a bit more cake than mom and I can handle and a little gaudy for me. So, probably more like this:

wedding cake love

Slightly less intensive and death-by-cake-esque. Anyway, my point is that I am extremely biased towards traditional style wedding cakes. However, mine is not the sole opinion out there. Nowadays styles of alternate forms of cake are becoming extremely popular.

The Cupcake Treecupcake tree

First, we have the cupcake tree. These are generally cheaper for one. Easier to serve, and you can have lots of various kinds of cakes so that everyone gets what they want! And earlier in the 2000’s cupcakes were a fad all over the female population whether it was earrings or dessert. Now, one of the benefits of the cupcake tree, or any cupcake sculpture really is its convenience. You can move it in pieces! Those cakes I showed you up you there probably could weigh upwards of 130 lbs. and they aren’t the most stable thing in the world.

Baby Cakes

Now, I was always enthralled with these tiny cakes. I thought they were the cutest thing inmini cakes the world. Before I actually tried them I looked and was like. “I can do that!” “I make cakes that are fifteen times that size and look like that!” “those will be easy!” I WAS WRONG. I spent over 24 hours making 12 mediocre versions. So, I cannot even imagine how much a professional would charge you to make enough for an entire wedding. Cost and difficulty aside, they are a great way to get the feel of a wedding cake with the [travel] convenience of a cupcake.


The Anti-Cake 

Wedding Ice Cream!

Wedding Ice Cream!


Wedding Pie!

Wedding Pie!



Now, I know that not everyone is enthusiastic about cake as I am, and those people have been known to get married as well. What do they do? Well, some have cake, shove it in each other’s face for the sake of tradition and then proceed to eat no more and feed it to everyone else. This isn’t too fun though. So, often they have completely other desserts! Ice cream sundae bars, wedding pie, and smores sculptures, basically anything you can think! When it comes down to it, it is really whatever you want to make your special day the most fantastic and memorable.

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7 Responses to Alternative Cake- Wedding Cakes #3

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  5. Caitlin Edinger says:

    I’m really not into the anti-cake. I love the concept of a massive pretty layered cake. And as I said, you totally are going to make my cake. Once again, you have produced a blog that makes me oggle.

  6. Drew Zucker says:

    I agree on your feelings on traditional wedding cakes. That is definitely the route I’d like to take if just for tradition. The baby cakes do look very nice and pretty delicious too, but I agree the cost for everyone to have an individual cake is probably far too high.

  7. Ryan Sosnader says:

    Those two cakes at the top don’t even look edible to me haha. They seem more like works of art that I wouldn’t want to spoil by eating. The other pictures are interesting, but I think I personally would prefer to go with a traditional wedding cake if I were getting married.

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