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Decisions, decisions

Blogging always seemed like something I would enjoy, yet I could never find the courage to actually post anything for the entire world wide web to see. Since our Rhetoric & Civic Life class was assigned the project of creating a passion blog, I’ve been debating topics. I’m not a baker, so a recipe blog was out of the question. I plan to singlehandedly finish an entire box of Cheez-Its in the time it takes me to write this post; therefore, a fitness blog would be a bad idea. This is a “passion blog,” so I asked myself what my passions are. It felt like the moment when someone says, “Tell me about yourself” and you suddenly forget every detail of your life. However, I think I’ve worked out a couple options. For the past several years, I’ve been motivated to understand more about mental disorders. That may sound strange, but it fascinates me that there are so many unique aspects to different disorders. It also frustrates me that there are so many misconceptions about the mentally ill. My idea was to use this blog to both learn more about mental disorders and to spread awareness about them. However, it makes sense to write about something I’m more strongly passionate about. In middle school, I became very interested in photography, and I also became interested in discovering famous photographs. It occurred to me that people recognize these famous photographs, but they generally don’t know the history of the image. I’d like to research a famous photograph for each post and describe the story behind it. As I am with every project, I’m concerned that I’ll change my mind halfway through. Hopefully one of these ideas will work. Otherwise, I’ll have nothing to write but reviews of different Cheez-It flavors.

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  1. Peter Rivera

    I would be inclined to read about each photograph and its history behind it. The history behind an image is what makes the photograph valuable, without it then they’d just be simple images. I agree with the fact that not many people realize the meaning behind a photograph–myself included–and I think it’d be awesome and quite educational if you did the history behind photos. But the decision is up to you and I’ll read regardless. Cheers!

  2. JP

    While reviews of different Cheez-It flavors is a very enticing topic, after reading through your post I personally would rather hear about the photography related posts than the mental disorders. As someone who took photography courses himself in High School, and isn’t pursuing it solely because he lacks a camera, I am quite interested in the topic myself. So there’s a little bit of bias there, I guess, but that’s just what I would rather learn about through your blog. Either one would be incredibly interesting though, so if you feel you can do better work, and be more inspired with writing about the various mental disorders (a topic I would also like to learn more about) then go for it!

  3. Tanner Quiggle

    Personally, I would not mind a blog about Cheez-Its! On a more serious note, I think that the photography idea would be quite entertaining. I am a history buff myself and I too have found that I do not know the backstory to many famous photos (such as the one where soldiers raised the flag on Iwo Jima). I would be interested to learn more about them because I really enjoy history!

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