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I have many versions of happiness, and that got me thinking about what I could possibly use in my passion blog. I am a very sentimental person, if you will, and I find myself telling others “I love you” more often than most people do. I think I have a different view of the word “love” and how humans show their love, so one idea I have for my blog is on love and the different ways I see it on campus and around the world. My goal for this is to allow others to accept and understand more love and companionship in their lives, rather than just the romantic kind. From recognizing small acts of kindness everyday to teaching others how to be more loving, I think my blog could be a unique way to makes people lives happier and healthier. I have also thought of funny ways to use my last name as a title for the blog. Since my last name is “Hart”, I am sure I can come up with some good puns about love. In the famous words of my favorite band, The Beatles, “Love is all you need!”

Finally, I have one more idea for my passion blog that I would like to share and have input on. I am a swimmer here at Penn State, and I have been swimming for almost 13 years. However, I am much more than just “the swimmer”. In fact, I do not want that to be the first thing people think of when they hear my name. For this blog, I had the idea of possibly getting rid of stereotypes and labeling. I want to get into the depth of who people are, whether it is just athletes or any other category of people. I could interview different people and what they think they are labeled as and get to the real core of who they are, instead of who they are imagined to be. I think this could be a fun idea for a blog because I am very passionate about making my true-self known, and I am sure I can help other people become known as well.

I have many passions and many ideas for this blog. I believe I could make any of these ideas successful, but your input would be much appreciated! Feel free to be as honest as you want, and I hope you have a wonderful day! 🙂

-Carly Hart

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  1. Hi Carly!
    First of all, I love your blog theme – the purple background is super cute! I love your idea to make a pun out of your last name because after all who doesn’t love a good pun? I also think that making a blog that challenges stereotypes could be really cool too! All too often people judge others before they even get the chance to know them and I think writing a blog to make your “true self known” as you put it would be a great idea for your passion blog!

    Can’t wait to read whatever passion blog you end up writing!

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