Deliberation Work #1

The title of our deliberation group is “Let’s Talk about Sex (Ed), Baby.” In our deliberation, we will be discussing the role of sexual education in today’s schools. Sex-Ed is required by law to be taught at some point in middle school and high school, but how effective is this education, and is it even teaching the right topics? We will be exploring three key points on the issue of sexual education, such as: the medical misconceptions that young adults may have regarding sex, the social stigmas behind sexuality, and the possible outcomes of sexual respect and lack of sexual respect, such as sexual harassment and rape. I am a part of the Team Overview group with Taylor and Julia. Together, we will prepare a 5-minute welcome and introduction to the deliberation topic, help promote deliberation, moderate for the Personal Stake section of the deliberation event, write an overview of the topic for the issue guide, and write a 300-500- word introduction and overview for the post-deliberation report. We are working together on each of these tasks, but right now, my role is preparing the deliberation introduction and making it engaging and attention-grabbing. We are working on receiving information and help from the other mini groups so that we have an accurate overview of the topics we will be discussing. We are also currently working on writing up a concise Personal Stake statement, and we are communicating with the whole group on this task. Although our title is quite humorous and light-hearted, we are aiming towards a pretty serious deliberation as we feel the topic of Sexual Education in schools is important.

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