Deliberation Reflection

Overall, The “Let’s Talk About Sex (Ed), Baby” deliberation went extremely well. Each and every one of the group members not only contributed a considerable amount of strong points and facts, but the guests also participated surprisingly frequently. I was not only impressed but also very intrigued with what everyone had to say and with everyone’s opinions. The deliberation was a success on many levels, not just by the fact that many people participated. The primary successful aspect of this entire deliberation was the fact that I felt we reached a general overall agreement on the topic of Sex-ed. For example, although there were various opinions on how sexual harassment should be addressed and taught about to kids in school, the consensus was that by improving sex education in early schooling, sexual harassment rates will be greatly diminished. One of the main goals of this deliberation was to recognize the importance of early sex education and how it can effect the protection of future generations, and I believe this goal was well achieved through our discussion. Another way in which our deliberation was very successful is the fact that every participant was respectful and considerate. I felt like the group of people that attended the deliberation really invested themselves into the discussion and listened to what everyone had to say. It was a very team-like atmosphere, where we all worked together to form conclusions. Not at any point did the discussion feel awkward or illogical. Sex-ed could be a very touchy and difficult topic to discuss, and I am happy that our deliberation handled it very well. I knew our deliberation would be successful by the amount of work each member put into it, but I was pleasantly surprised by how much it really exceeded my expectations. I am very proud of myself and my entire group, and I hope to do another deliberation in the future. It was a great experience.

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