Analysis of Advocacy Website

The organization I chose to explore was the American Indian College Fund. The main purpose of this organization is to help young American Indians earn college scholarships and get college degrees. The reason I chose this specific charity was because I had never heard of it before. I did not understand why this specific race […]

Persuasive Essay Draft/Outline

Attention Grabber This past Thanksgiving, I noticed something that caught my attention as my family had gathered at my Grandparents house for dinner. It seemed a bit quieter, and I noticed my younger cousins were not up to their usual shenanigans, tackling and harassing each other in their little made up games. Then I noticed […]

Deliberation Reflection

Overall, The “Let’s Talk About Sex (Ed), Baby” deliberation went extremely well. Each and every one of the group members not only contributed a considerable amount of strong points and facts, but the guests also participated surprisingly frequently. I was not only impressed but also very intrigued with what everyone had to say and with […]

Deliberation Work Post #2

This article by the New York Times discusses the effectiveness, better described as lack of effectiveness, of universities’ education and prevention of sexual assault. Although it does not explicitly mention sexual education right away, I believe this article could bring a lot of information into our deliberation. As the article mentions, over 55 Universities are […]

Deliberation Work #1

The title of our deliberation group is “Let’s Talk about Sex (Ed), Baby.” In our deliberation, we will be discussing the role of sexual education in today’s schools. Sex-Ed is required by law to be taught at some point in middle school and high school, but how effective is this education, and is it even […]

This I Believe Script

Finding your Inner-Child My dad is a banker. I can’t help but laugh every time I respond with this phrase when people ask me what type of job my dad has. Saying that my dad works for a bank does not offer even a glimpse into what he actually does or what kind of person […]

TED Talk Outline Draft

TED Talk Outline Draft Topic: Declining marriage rates and increasing marriage ages Purpose: To promote healthy marriages Thesis statement: For adults in the 21st century, the tradition of marriage is becoming less common and is being put off until much later in life. The economy, dating practices, and other modern advancements are motivators of this […]

Paradigm Shift Outline/Rough Draft

Title TBD             The Merriam Webster dictionary defines the word “date” as “an arrangement to meet between two people usually with romantic feelings for each other” and “to go together regularly on romantic social engagements.” You may be all too familiar with the term, as dating has been a common practice amongst a wide-range of […]

The Power of Images

Pulitzer Prize winning photographer and author of It’s What I Do, Lindsey Addario, incorporates strong visual images in her novel to give strong emotional meaning to her stories. Not only are all her images she uses very impressive, but they are also extremely striking and powerful. It is not an everyday scene to see warzones, […]


In Part 3 of Lindsey Addario’s novel It’s What I Do, she mentions her many conflicts with being a female war photographer. One conflict that she mentions throughout the book, specifically on page 146, is the idea of making money from images of people who were so very desperate. She had spent countless years of […]