The Power of Images

Pulitzer Prize winning photographer and author of It’s What I Do, Lindsey Addario, incorporates strong visual images in her novel to give strong emotional meaning to her stories. Not only are all her images she uses very impressive, but they are also extremely striking and powerful. It is not an everyday scene to see warzones, […]


In Part 3 of Lindsey Addario’s novel It’s What I Do, she mentions her many conflicts with being a female war photographer. One conflict that she mentions throughout the book, specifically on page 146, is the idea of making money from images of people who were so very desperate. She had spent countless years of […]

The Power of Passion

On pages 62-64 in It’s What I Do, Addario tells the story of her grandmother’s missed chance at love to prove a point that passion will always overcome convenience. She explains how her grandmother described her relationship with a man named Sal to be very passionate, thrilling, and memorable. However, she ended things with Sal, […]

Passion Blog Ideas

I have many versions of happiness, and that got me thinking about what I could possibly use in my passion blog. I am a very sentimental person, if you will, and I find myself telling others “I love you” more often than most people do. I think I have a different view of the word […]

Greetings to All!

First and foremost, I would like to say thank you for using your abundant (or less abundant) amount of free time to visit my RCL draft site! I hope you find everything you see to be entertaining and pleasurable.