Our team is multicultural and multidisciplinary with current and former members being drawn from around the globe and with a variety of academic backgrounds including; engineering, veterinary medicine, biochemistry, dental medicine, chemistry, environmental sciences and medicine.


Graduate Students

 Lisa Kriegh


Oklahoma State University, B.S. (2014)
Louisiana State University, M.S Candidate

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Lisa Kriegh earned her bachelor’s degree in Biosystems Engineering from Oklahoma State University.  She is currently pursuing a PhD in Engineering Science with a focus on tissue engineering. Lisa’s research is on fabrication of functional tissues and model systems for studying stem cell differentiation. She is using mesenchymal stem cells with a nanoparticle gene delivery system for spatial and temporal control of differentiation and cell sheets for construction of quasi three-dimensional structures.

Jonathan Casey


University of New Orleans, B.S. Biology/Chemistry (2010)
Louisiana State University, M.S. Chemistry (2014)
Pennsylvania State University, Graduate Student in Biomedical Engineering

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Jonathan Casey was born in New Orleans Louisiana.  He obtained his bachelor of science in biology and chemistry in 2010 from the University of New Orleans.  In 2014, he received his master’s degree in chemistry in inorganic and macromolecular chemistry from Louisiana State University.  In fall 2014 he began his work on his PhD in engineering sciences from Louisiana State University. In fall 2016 he transferred to continue his PhD at Penn State.

Mohammad Abu-Laban


Louisiana State University, B.S. Chemical Engineering (2012)
Louisiana State University, M.S. Biological Engineering (2016)
Pennsylvania State University, Graduate Student in Biomedical Engineering

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Mohammad Abu-Laban obtained his undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering at Louisiana State University. He is currently pursuing his Masters in Biological & Agricultural Engineering and his doctorate degree in Engineering Science. His current research work involves studying biofuel catalysis and drug delivery systems.

Anoosha  Forghani

Anoosha Forghani


Isfahan University of Technology, B.S. Materials Engineering (2011)
Louisiana State University, M.S. Mechanical Engineering (2016)
Pennsylvania State University, PhD Student in Biomedical Engineering

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Anoosha is from Isfahan, Iran. She completed her undergraduate degree in Materials Engineering from Isfahan University of Technology in 2011. She completed her Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at LSU. She is pursuing her PhD degree in Biomedical Engineering with focus in Tissue Engineering at Penn State University.

 Group Alumni

Nick Poche

Emily Hodges

Andre Zanetti

Ammar Qureshi

Corey Landry

Mark Hoppens

Nick Totaro

Joshua Tate

Lekeith Terrell