Hayly Hoch

I am absolutely in love with where I am and where I’m going.  My journey began when I became the Student Adviser for  organizing and implementing Farm to School programming at my high school, and has lead me to The Pennsylvania State University where I am studying Plant Sciences- Agroecology in the College of Agricultural Sciences.  I’m a systems thinker who is passionate about human-environment relationships and sustainable development.  I am determined to cultivate a re-connection to our food systems in order to support healthier communities and a healthier planet!  I also am a complete plant biology geek who gets super jazzed about photosynthesis, flower anatomy, and pollinators!

I plan to be a force for positive change, and food is the medium through which I work.  I see food as located at the crux of many of the social, health, environmental and economic issues facing future generations, and therefore has the potential to be an incredibly powerful solution as well.  I’ve found my niche and passion in the overlap between creating sustainable food system connections, inspiring ecological consciousness, and improving the quality of life through community development.

I hope to be a leader in the reformation of our regional and global food systems in order to achieve a symbiotic relationship between our agricultural industry and the surrounding ecological systems.  I want to create a food system where environmental integrity, food justice and food security are our primary profits in order to ensure a healthy and sustainable livelihood for future generations.

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