I love surgery

Sitting in my crib, wearing my stylish Derek Jeter onesie, who knew that I would grow up loving the game of baseball? I played t-ball, little league, travel baseball, and eventually high school baseball. Baseball became more than a sport for me; moreover, it was a way for me to bond with my family— often times I would go down to the field with my dad or grandpa to have a catch— it is how I made most of my friends, and it is what truly made me happy. I’m not sure if this is what I really want to talk about because something happened. In high school, baseball became more of a class or business than a fun game. It was as if I was in “The Road to College Baseball” Class every day from 3pm-7pm!

I was losing contact with friends, I was traveling around the country for tournaments, and I was in pursuit of something that I really didn’t want: to play college or professional baseball. I just enjoyed baseball because it was fun. This is going to sound a little weird but the best thing that happened to me was me tearing my labrum in my shoulder. It gave me a break. And during that break, I found something that I enjoyed in a different way than baseball— service. I loved reaching out and helping those in need, and at first glance, service and baseball seemed so much different; however, after really thinking about it, they were actually quite similar. This may seem strange but let me tell you why… My greatest gift is my personality, and I believe what truly defines my personality is my passion. When  I am passionate about something, I give it my all and at the end of my baseball career, I felt I was losing that passion, but thankfully, my passion found a new home. While I wasn’t using my passion to win a baseball game, I was able to use it to provide support, nourishment, and love to people that need it most.