Stay connected during physical distancing

As you shift to remote online learning and engage in physical distancing it is important to find ways to stay connected.  We all need to find new ways to maintain and strengthen our connections and relationships with family, friends, classmates, faculty, co-workers and neighbors.  It is a critical time to support one another through the challenges of uncertainty, fear and isolation.  While we are physically distancing from one another we want to be sure that we do not emotionally distancourselves from one another.   

So what can you do to stay connected?   

  • Reach out to others daily through text, email, phone calls, or video chats 
  • Attend class, students & faculty are building community and connection online 
  • Check to see if the student orgs you participate in are hosting zoom meetings
  • Set up a study group that meets regularly on zoom 
  • Plan a movie night with friends and watch/chat with Netflix Party 
  • Invite friends to a game night on zoom and play charades, Pictionary or trivia 
  • Host a hangout and just chat on zoom, google hangouts, Voxer, Housepartyinstagram, facebookwhatsApp or other social platform 
  • Organize a meetup on your favorite gaming platform   

 We need connection more now than ever.  Look for ways to connect, engage and build your community.   


Science-based resources about COVID-19

If you are like the staff in Health Promotion and Wellness, you are looking for science-based information about COVID-19.  There seems to be quite a bit of misinformation in the popular media, so we have compiled a short list of science-based resources from public health experts.  You will find the number of local, national, and global confirmed cases on these sites.  If you are looking for trustworthy, up-to-date news about coronavirus from medical, public health, and infectious disease experts view Johns Hopkins University & Medicine site and the free online course by Imperial College of London.

  1. Pennsylvania Department of Health
  2. Johns Hopkins University & Medicine,
  3. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,
  4. World Health Organization,
  5.  Science Matters: Let’s Talk About COVID-19, a free course by Imperial College of London, one of the top public health research universities in the world
We wish you health and well-being!

National Nutrition Month

The theme of this year’s National Nutrition Month is Eat Right, Bite by Bite. This theme supports everyone in their journey, highlighting the idea that every little bite is a step in the right direction. Set small goals and make gradual changes to experience cumulative healthful effects.

There are two free options in Health Promotion and Wellness to help you take steps toward creating a healthier lifestyle.  One option is the nutrition wellness service provided by peer educators.   The other is through the nutrition clinic. Call 814-863-0461, or login to your MyUHS account, to schedule a free appointment with a peer educator or a registered dietitian.

Benefits of Getting Out in Nature

Many studies are finding that spending time in nature improves your fundamental health and well-being. Evidence supports the idea that nature provides a calmness that can reduce your blood pressure, improve your mood and decrease your anxiety.   

 Whether you take a stroll in a nearby park or venture into the woods, not only do you get a chance to exercise and enjoy the scenery, you may simultaneously restore your mental fatigue and increase your self-esteem. Being in nature can inspire your creativity. 

Wellness Wednesdays

Have you attended a Wellness Wednesday yet? See what’s happening during March in 20 IM Building. Join HealthWorks students 4:00-4:45pm for an interactive activity to help you manage your stress.

March 4 – Worry Less, Wander More

March 18 – Create a mind map your path with meditation

March 25 – Share your music

Eating disorder awareness

National Eating Disorder Awareness Week was February 24-March 1, 2020, and we continue to celebrate YOU. Come as You Are: Hindsight is 2020 the National Eating Disorder Association’s (NEDA) 2020 theme, highlights inclusivity and reflection within the eating disorder community. People from diverse communities struggle with eating disorders at similar rates to the general population.  Wherever you are in your journey,, we encourage you to reflect on the positive steps you’ve taken — including those stemming from setbacks or challenges — toward accepting yourself and others. Visit NEDA to learn more!


Calling all runners, joggers, and walkers. Are you interested in completing a 5k? Join Club Cross Country and Health Promotion and Wellness for the annual Thaw 5K on Saturday, February 29th at 10:00am.

You can register for $12 by following this link or visit the registration table February 24-28th 11am-2pm at table #1 in the HUB. You can also sign up on race day 9:00-9:45am at the corner of Pollock & Burrowes.