Take the Lead 2013 Launches on Campus

Student leaders across Penn State are once again encouraging their peers  to “take the lead” and make responsible decisions about drinking and involvement at Penn State.

The “Take the Lead” campaign is once again making its appearance on campus in the form of posters and advertisements.  The campaign features student leaders from six on-campus groups, each opening up about their advice to  their peers about how to act responsibly, especially when it comes to drinking.

For example, Ariel Edwards, a member of the Lady Lions basketball team, encourages students who choose not to drink to stand firm in their decision and not be intimidated.  

Joe Charette, a senior studying psychology and President of Delta Lambda Phi fraternity, encourages his peers to step in when friends have had too much to drink.

This year, UPUA, CCSG, IFC, Panhellenic Council, OCSU, Student Athlete Advisory Council, Area Residence Hall Associations, and Council of Lionhearts all are participating in the “Take the Lead” campaign.

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