Healthy Eating Pita Pizza

A fun, easy, and healthy take on an American favorite! Try this quick and simple pizza recipe using pita bread for the crust! Top it with sauce, veggies, cheese and a little Italian seasoning to have a healthy and delicious meal!

Recipe By: Kendra Paro, HealthWorks Peer Educator


  • 1 whole wheat pita*​
  • Pizza sauce or thick tomato sauce​
  • Low fat mozzarella cheese​
  • Sliced peppers, mushrooms and onions​
  • Parmesan cheese​

*English muffins work, too!


  1. Turn on broiler in oven (keep oven door cracked).​
  2. Add sauce, cheese, and vegetables to the pita as desired.​
  3. Optional: If you want softer vegetables, sautee them in a pan before topping pizza.​
  4. Broil until cheese melts.​





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