Healthy Penn State Ambassadors

What is Healthy Penn State?

Healthy Penn State (HPS) is an initiative led by Health Promotion and Wellness. Healthy Penn State is a holistic approach to promoting well-being that encourages the development and maintenance of a sound body, mind, and spirit. The aim is to improve the academic success of students by enhancing behaviors that promote health and reduce the incidence of behaviors that negatively impact the welfare of students.

The mission of Healthy Penn State is to:

  • Increase awareness among students about the connection between wellness and academic outcomes
  • Promote positive attitudes toward healthy behaviors
  • Educate students about healthy behaviors for nutrition, physical activity, sleep and stress
  • Promote health-focused resources on campus

What are the benefits of becoming a Healthy Penn State Ambassador

  • Be a valuable health resource for your friends and peers
  • Advocate for health-related programs and services at Penn State
  • Promote wellness services on campus
  • Make a difference in the health of Penn State students
  • Build friendships and your professional network
  • Work closely with health promotion staff
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Enhance your resume

What will Healthy Penn State Ambassadors do?

  • Share information about health issues with students during informal interactions
  • Be a role model for healthy behaviors
  • Participate in HPS outreach events
  • Give out HPS promotional materials to students
  • Be a liaison for HPS within your organization/club, i.e., send emails, speak to groups
  • Promote healthy behaviors in a variety of ways, including via social media

How will Healthy Penn State Ambassadors be trained?

Training consists of a mandatory 8-hour training provided by Health Promotion & Wellness staff. The training will be held in either 2 four hour sessions or 4 two hour sessions.  The training will address health issues relevant to the college population, health disparities among Penn State students, and the resources available at University Park. In addition, the training will cover health promotion strategies, motivational interviewing, goals & expectations of an ambassador and health topics which include nutrition, physical activity, sleep and stress. The training will be offered Fall 2018.  The training will be held at times that are most convenient for the selected students.

What’s the time commitment?

You must be able to commit to at least one semester with Health Promotion and Wellness as an ambassador.  The  requirements include: attending the mandatory 8-hour training, 1 hour bi-weekly meetings and 1-3 hours per week (at most) of Healthy Penn State promotional events.

How to Apply:

Recruitment will take place August 20-31, 2018. To apply click here .

If you have questions, stop by the Health Promotion and Wellness Suite in 20 Intramural Building or call (814) 863-0461. You may also contact us by e-mail at