Cooking Videos (Healthy Eating with HealthWorks)

Our HealthWorks volunteers have been busy in the kitchen! Actually, these healthy recipes of theirs don’t take long at all to make – perfect for busy college lifestyles.

Watch the videos they’ve made for easy step-by-step instructions on how to make the recipes.  Bon appetit!

How to Cook Peanut Butter Banana Overnight Oats

How to Cook Egg Baskets

How to Cook Chicken Parm Zucchini Boats

How to Cook Chicken Breast

How to Make a Strawberry Spinach Salad

How to Make Pasta with Vegetables and Garlic Bread

How to Make a Healthy Grilled Cheese

How to Make a Fruit and Yogurt Smoothie

How to Make Vegetable Salsa

How to Make a Black Bean Burger

How to Make Sweet Potato Fries

How to Cook a Turkey Burger

How to Make a Healthy Trail Mix

How to Make a Healthy Yogurt Parfait

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