Fun competition fuels Extreme Stater 2016


On Saturday, October 15, 2016, 25 student teams (100 racers) competed in the 4th annual Extreme Stater. This event was held at Stone Valley Recreation Area and included a variety of physical and mental challenges. This year, students received a passport & map of the obstacles and were given 10-minutes to develop a race plan. Each obstacle had a point value determined by the difficulty level of the obstacle.  Eighteen obstacles stood between all teams and 1st place. K.I.M.S. test, group traverse, spider web, and tarp flip, just to name a few, were some of the team-based challenges this year. And never to disappoint, two favorites, the zip line, and the 50-foot climbing wall, were included in the race again. The trail run allowed teams to navigate their way from one side of Lake Perez to the other to participate in canoeing, shape puzzle, hill run, mud crawl and more! This year, teams categorized themselves into one of two classes –competitive or non-competitive. Both categories were timed and scored based on how many obstacles each team completed. Six teams emerged as the top finishers (3 from competitive class and 3 from non-competitive class).

Congratulations to the winners! Thank you to all participants and volunteers. We hope you had as much fun as we did and will join us again next year.


Racers take off!

Competitive Top Finishers

1st place: PSU Peacocks (1 hour, 15 min)


Racers: Colin Fisher, Jason Cornell, Emily Peacock, Elizabeth Morgan

2nd place: Case of the Runs (1 hour, 17 min)


Racers: Olivia Dickerson, Justin Nowosielsni, Tom Kawchak, Audrey Ferraro

3rd place: Team Barb (1 hour, 18 min)


Racers: Craig Miller, Justin Roarty, Christina Cheruka, Jeannette Bender

Non-Competitive Top Finishers

1st place: On The Fly (1 hour, 42 min)

2nd place: PS (We’ll Defeat) U (1 hour, 52 min)

3rd place: The Schreyards (1 hour, 54 min)

All Results (hour : min)

  1. PSU Peacocks, 1:15
  2. A Case of the Runs, 1:17
  3. Barbara, 1:18
  4. Scrambled Legs & Achin’, 1:26
  5. Team America, 1:29
  6. R.O.D.E Runners, 1:32
  7. Plant Powered, 1:38
  8. The Killer Wales, 1:39
  9. No Experience Required, 1:40
  10. On The Fly, 1:42
  11. Gorilla Warfare, 1:44
  12. My Name isn’t Forrest, 1:50
  13. We Run for Harambe, 1:50
  14. PS (We’ll Defeat) U, 1:52
  15. The Schreyards, 1:54
  16. Harambe’s Angels, 1:56
  17. The Lion, 1:56
  18. The Suhhh Dudes, 1:59
  19. Oreo, 2:01
  20. Orion, 2:05
  21. Gymmeros, 2:07
  22. The Wolf Pack, 2:09
  23. BABAM, 2:11
  24. Aureus, 2:15 
  25. The Patty Cakes, 2:16


Snapshots of the day

Early morning on Lake Perez, at Stone Valley.
Extreme Stater staff, volunteers, and racers.
Sizing up the Odyssey Course.
The Plant Powered Team checks their passport, in which they mapped their race plan and recorded their progress.
The Killer Wales show off their strength at Canoe Portage. (Pictured left to right: Laith Yousif, Lauren Rader, Jen Wales, Nathan Graham).
Racers scale the Climbing Wall.
Hanging loose on the Odyssey Course zip line.
Team No Experience Required shows off their speed.
The Schreyards demonstrate their flawless teamwork on Team Traverse. Pictured (Alex Chan, Nancy Le, Sally Li, Kyle Trabocoo).
Race prep!
Thanks to all of our awesome volunteers! We couldn’t have done it without you.
Big thanks to our MC, Assistant Director of Residence Life, John Hurst.

Team Pictures


dsc_1408dsc_1324 dsc_1347       dsc_1349

dsc_1387   dsc_1342dsc_1398

dsc_1413dsc_1395dsc_1333dsc_1334dsc_1428 dsc_1433 dsc_1421