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Get Fit & Win with the Penn State Fitness Challenge

Getting regular physical activity can lead to better gradesimproved physical and mental health, more restful sleep, and now, a chance to win some seriously great prizes.

HealthWorks, a peer education team in University Health Services, is proud to present the 2015 Penn State Fitness Challenge. Whether you’re a regular at the gym or just starting out, any student with a valid PSU fitness membership can participate. The steps are simple:

  1. Pick up a free punch card today while supplies last at White Building, Rec Hall, or IM Building fitness info desks.
  2. Between Monday, March 23rd and Friday, April 17th, work out at least 20 times at White Building, Rec Hall, or IM Building fitness centers or classes. Be sure to present your punch card to receive a punch (limit 1 punch/day).
  3. If you’ve earned at least 20 punches on your card by April 17th, return your card to the White Building, Rec Hall or IM information desks to be entered to win prizes.

Every student who completes the challenge will receive a Healthy Penn State pack and will be entered to win prizes, including:

  • $75 gift certificate to Rapid Transit
  • Prize pack from Appalachian Outdoors
  • Yoga mat, block, and carrying strap from University Health Services
  • Yoga mat + 10 class pass  from Yoga in State College
  • Body composition tests from Fitology
  • Heart rate monitor and watch combo kits from Campus Recreation
  • Trader Joe’s snack pack

Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates. The Challenge is co-sponsored by University Health Services and Campus Recreation.

Penn State Fitness Challenge 2015


Steroid Abuse Not a Healthy Shortcut to Fitness

steroidLance Armstrong. Marion Jones. A-Rod. Almost everyone has seen headlines exposing famous athletes caught in illegal steroid abuse scandals. While less commonly discussed, steroid abuse is also a concern for the “regular Joes” of the population.

Steroids (full name anabolic androgenic steroids) are substances that mimic testosterone. They are used medically for their ability to stimulate the development of muscle tissue and male sexual characteristics.1 Some individuals abuse these substances, using them not for medical purposes, but to quickly increase muscle mass. Luckily, steroid abuse appears to be relatively uncommon—research estimates that 3-4% of men abuse steroids at some point in their lives. However, the prevalence of steroid abuse is estimated to be higher among regular gym-goers.2

Individuals who use steroids without a prescription and those considering it should be aware of the negative consequences of steroid abuse. The Drug Enforcement Agency classifies steroids as a Schedule III controlled substance; the penalty for possessing steroids without a prescription is a minimum $1,000 fine and maximum of one year in prison for first drug offenses. Additionally, steroid abuse has been linked to many negative health consequences. Short term effects can include acne, baldness, breast development in males, and shrinking of the testicles. Long term effects can include infertility, heart problems, and liver cancer.1

Gains in fitness don’t happen overnight— getting in shape requires patience and dedication. If good old fashioned hard work and sweat alone aren’t cutting it, here are three resources that Penn State University Park offers to help students get fit naturally:

1. Fitness Center Orientations- Learn what the Rec Hall, Intramural, and White Building Fitness Centers have to offer with a free Fitness Center Orientation! Whether you just need a lay-of-the-land or want to learn how to use equipment, fitness center members can sign up for one free session per facility. See a fitness training or desk attendant for details.

2. Personal Training- Stay motivated and reach your fitness goals with a personalized exercise program designed by Campus Recreation’s qualified Personal Trainers. Single sessions, as well as 5 and 10-session packages are available. An initial fitness assessment is included in 5 and 10-session packages. Each session is 60 minutes one-on-one with your personal trainer. You must have a fitness center membership or purchase a day pass in order to use training sessions. Sign up at the Rec Hall, White Building, or IM Fitness Centers. Contact Erin Raupers at eeg5005@psu.edu with questions.

  • 1 session: $25 (Student), $33 (Faculty/Staff)
  • 5 sessions: $112.50 (Student), $150 (Faculty/Staff)
  • 10 sessions: $200 (Student), $280 (Faculty/Staff)

3. Nutrition Counseling- Healthy eating and exercise go hand-in-hand, and individual nutrition counseling at UHS can help. You’ll meet one-on-one with a registered dietitian who will tailor your diet to meet your personal health needs. Make an appointment on the UHS website or by calling 814-863-0461. Costs vary by insurances.


  1. National Institute on Drug Abuse, 2006
  2. Rahnema et al., 2014

#LoveYourBody Week wraps up!

Thanks to everyone who participated in Love Your Body Week’s events and helped to spread the message of self-love around campus.  Here are some photos of the week’s festivities, including submissions from students about what they love best about their bodies.