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Homecoming 2014: What does “We are Penn State” mean to you?

We are Penn State. Whether roared by 100,000 strong in Beaver Stadium, shouted at Penn State hopefuls touring campus, or during the final moments of THON, chances are you’ve heard these four words countless times. But what do they actually mean? The obvious explanation is that as students, alumni, faculty, and staff, we all identify with Penn State in some way. But this simplistic interpretation falls short in encompassing the unity, spirit, and pride felt by the many who lend their voices to this chant.

As you gather with other Penn Staters to celebrate Homecoming 2014, take the opportunity to reflect on what “We are Penn State” means to you. What is your role as a member of the Penn State family, and how does your personal behavior represent us as a whole?

For Meaghan DeMallie, the answer is clear. As a marketing student, THON participant, and President of the Panhellenic Council, being part of Penn State has meant much more than just getting an education. Through service, involvement, and sisterhood, Meaghan’s Penn State experiences have helped shape her into the leader she is today. Because of that, Meaghan takes pride in representing not only herself but also her organizations and the Penn State community. Check out Meaghan’s advice below and remember— if you choose to make drinking part of your Homecoming celebration, Take the Lead and do it responsibly.