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‘We Represent All of Us’: Take the Lead 2013 Video Encourages Peers to Be Responsible

Student leaders across University Park are once again encouraging their fellow students to “take the lead” and make responsible decisions about drinking and involvement at Penn State.  This time, they have a video to spread the message.Take The Lead logo

(Watch the video here >)

The “Take the Lead” campaign, now in its fourth year, features six student leaders from various groups, teams and organizations on campus.  In the campaign, the leaders share their advice on how to be responsible and make the most of one’s time at Penn State.

This is the first year the Take the Lead campaign has included a video, which the participating organizations felt could help raise awareness among students.  In the video, the student leaders share their thoughts on how to stand firm in a decision not to drink, how to make friends without partying, and how to be safe downtown, among other insights.

Watch the video here >