Two new articles related to mobile computing to support informal learning.

With my colleague Susan Land, I have two new publications out in the journal TechTrends.  Both articles are in a special issue that we co-edited on mobile and augmented computing.  Here’s details on the issue:

TechTrends Jan/Feb 2014 special issue on AR and Mobile Computing

January 24, 2014 at 9:30am

Tech Trends January/February 2014 (Vol. 58, Issue 1) 

  • Synthesizing Perspectives on Augmented Reality and Mobile Learning by Susan M. Land, Heather T. Zimmerman
  • Design Principles for Augmented Reality Learning by Matt Dunleavy
  • Participatory Scaling Through Augmented Reality Learning Through Local Games by John Martin, Seann Dikkers, Kurt Squire, David Gagnon
  • The Local Games Lab ABQ: Homegrown Augmented Reality by Christopher Holden
  • Making the Invisible Visible in Science Museums Through Augmented Reality Devices by Susan A. Yoon, Joyce Wang
  • Empowering Digital Interactions with Real World Conversation by Michael Tscholl, Robb Lindgren
  • Mathematics and Mobile Learning by Tobin White, Lee Martin
  • Bodystorming Mobile Learning Experiences by Brian K Smith
  • Facilitating Place-Based Learning in Outdoor Informal Environments with Mobile Computers by Heather Toomey Zimmerman, Susan M. Land

Check out our team’s website for more details.

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