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The Behavioral Neurogenetics Lab is interested in how genes modulate complex behaviors.

Research in the lab focuses on the role of genetics in complex disorders. We examine if genetic variation influences behaviors and try to elucidate the biological mechanism through which this is occurring.

We investigate how genetic variation influences behaviors, by asking the questions:

  1. Do genes modulate behaviors?
  2. What is the biological mechanism through which this occurs?

Our lab utilizes a number of levels of analysis including preclinical models, cell culture models, and human genetics.  Through integration of all these approaches we hope to better understand the biological basis of behavior.



Our Team


Photo of Helen Kamens, Ph.D.

Helen Kamens, PhD

Laboratory Director (Email: hmk123@psu.edu)

Constanza Gallardo

Graduate Student Researcher

Photo of Carly Miller

Carley Miller

Research Technologist

Cassandra Secunda

Research Technologist

Colton Ruggery

Undergraduate Student Researcher



Kylie Stuhltrager

Undergraduate Student Researcher

Grant Swisher

Undergraduate Student Researcher

Rachel Bartlett

Undergraduate Student Researcher

Aidan Peat

Undergraduate Student Researcher


Anna Wickenheisser

Undergraduate Student Researcher

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