Lab Opportunities

Undergraduate Research Assistants

We periodically have openings for motivated undergraduate students who want to gain research experience. In general these openings are at the beginning of each academic semester, but can be throughout the year. Weekly lab meetings are required of all research assistants and provide a forum to discuss current projects and relevant literature. Due to the intensive training required to become a research assistant in the Behavioral Neurogenetics lab, we require a minimum 2-semester commitment,  2 credit (6 hrs/week) /semester, and a cumulative GPA > 3.5. Preference is given to non-senior students who are obtaining credit for their research experience. Undergraduates who are interested in this position should fill out the laboratory application below and contact Dr. Kamens (hmk123@psu.edu).

Laboratory Application

  • Part I. General Expectations

    The laboratory is a friendly atmosphere where students are encouraged to ask questions, make observations and suggestions regarding on-going projects. Thus it is important to recognize that a research position is an important commitment requiring time and thoughtfulness. It is expected that you conduct your lab responsibilities on time and communicate with member of the lab if you will not be here or will be late. Please request “time off” at least 48 hours in advance so that we can make accommodations for others to complete your duties. After receiving training you will be expected to perform daily tasks independently in a timely, neat, and organized manner.
  • Part II. Preliminary Information

  • Part III. Course Work

  • Part IV. Research Experience Details

  • NOTE: Each BBH 494 credit hour is worth approximately 3 hours of time in the lab. Priority will be given to individuals who can dedicate 2-3 hr time slots in the lab and interested in 2-3 credits (e.g., 1-3 PM on Wed):
  • NOTE: There is an extensive amount of time dedicated to training research assistants in our lab. Thus, priority will be given to those who are willing to dedicate at least 2 semesters of time in the lab:
  • Part V. Statement of Interest

  • Part VI. Contact Us

    Please send an email to Dr. Helen Kamens (hmk123@psu.edu) to notify them of your complete application. Thank you for your interest in our lab!

PhD Students

Dr. Kamens is graduate faculty in Biobehavioral Health, Neuroscience, and Molecular, Cellular and Integrative Biosciences. Interested students should contact her directly.

Postdoctoral Research Associates

We have no openings for postdocs at this time.


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