Uncomfortable Daily Interactions- Photo Style

The Cover Up

That moment when your hand is suspended in air, about to wave, only for you to realize the person you thought was waving to you was actually waving to someone behind you. So you must decide on a possible motive for that dangling hand. Maybe stretching or fixing your hair. Either way the ruse will be a weak excuse and you’ll walked away feeling tired and self-conscious

The Name Conundrum

When you’re two weeks into a new friendship and you still don’t know the person’s name because the excitement of meeting a new friend left you incapable of simple memory. Asking would be utterly embarrassing and is altogether out of the equation. So you must wait and pray that someone calls out to them, unlocking the secret.

The Four Way Impasse


Two cars pull up simultaneously to an intersection. A battle commences. The battle of the best wave.  Although the victor will be forced to wait for the other car to pull out first, they will win the self-satisfaction of being the most polite.

The Eye Ensnarement

Those instances where you are sitting in a crowded area, casually letting your eyes roam, when suddenly you are caught in an uncomfortably intimate, and entirely unwanted moment with a complete stranger. Your eyes are only locked for a brief second but it’s still enough to ruin the solitude and compel you to relocate.

The Doorway of Detriment


A person steps through a door and, seeing you following, graciously holds it open. But you’re not going in, just simply passing by. They smile at you and the guilt amasses. How could you turn what might be the last shred of humanity that is left in this world down. Despite your great desire to just enter out of courtesy you grudgingly refuse. Kicking yourself for being such a terrible person.

The Bear Attack

The only sounds in the quiet classroom are the slight rustle of pages, the hushed scratch of pencil on paper, the sighs of your frustrated peers. But what was that, an ache in your abdomen brings forth images of a forgotten meal. The sound bursts out of you with a roar that turns heads. The cries of an untamable beast snarling for sustenance, demanding to be fed.

The Sidewalk Tango

The narrow path is crowed and you find your way blocked by a stranger. You attempt to dodge them but they mirror your every move. You’re caught in a staggering dance. Finally you both pause, exchange a calculating look, and you’re off…or not.

  The Eternal Minute


Doors close. A grind. A shake. Silence…blink…blink…blink….The lights flash each floor. The stranger in the opposite corner seems to move closer with every number. The silence presses heavy on your ears. Maybe you should say something, no, no that would only make it worse. Finally, a shudder. The doors slide open. You’re free.

The Chamber Confusion

 Entrance. Stares. Silence. Giggles. Blush. Heat. Sweat. Turn. Run!

The Ask Again

That fleetingly proud moment where you raise your hand and ask a question only to realize that someone posed the same one only a second before. The second before in which you weren’t paying attention. Whoops!


Photos Courtesy Of: Microsoft Office Clipart, publicdomainphotos.net, and freedigitatphotos.net


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