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I consider myself someone with a myriad of interests. I have always really enjoyed learning a new skill, developing a talent, or challenging myself with opportunities for self betterment! However, these interests pale in comparison to my passions. My passions may not seem mutually exclusive, but I like to make both a large part of my life. My two passions are that of science, school and learning, and my passion for fashion.

If I were to focus my passion blog on school, I would focus on posts such as the best places to study on campus, my top ten highly effective study tips, and what activities are fulfilling, while still providing plenty of time for students to hit the books. My posts would most likely cater to a audience of science majors, as I am a biology major, and I am more familiar with the academic life of such students. I think the blog would definitely be useful to a variety of students, especially incoming freshman.

My other passion blog idea is on campus fashion. My blog would focus on what outfits are best for walking on campus, outfit ideas that comply with lab protocol, as well as seasonal looks as we head into the fall and winter seasons. I think the blog would help a lot of girls figure out how to look presentable, while still being comfortable enough to walk on campus, and study. I would also try to interview other students who I think have nice outfits on, and ask them where they got their pieces, what inspired the look, and what advice they would have for my readers.

I think both passion blog ideas are broad enough that I could make multiple posts, while still specific enough to my passions. I also believe that both have a platform here at Penn State. I am currently unsure of which I like better, but will continue to weigh my options over the next few days.

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  1. Hi Pritika. You have some awesome passions and I think both could be terrific blog ideas. Although I’m not a fashion expert, I do like the different twist you proposed for your fashion blog, talking about clothes that not only look good but also can be worn to class and are comfortable enough to walk around campus. The school idea can also be useful because I know plenty of freshmen who are struggling to adjust to college, specifically the change in study habits, and could use some tips. I can see that you are very passionate about both topics, so I would suggest considering not only about how much your passions mean to you, but how your passion blogs will impact others. You want to connect on a personal level with your readers and leave a meaningful impression. Consider this when choosing your topic.

  2. Hello!
    I just wanted to say that I love both ideas for your passion blog! The study one is definitely a nice idea that I think a lot of people would benefit from. I love how it’s not only studying advice, but that it also branches out to other, more fun topics (I would LOVE to know some of those study spots, just saying).
    For your fashion blog, which I t is also a really great idea, I especially like how you would interview other people for their fashion advice! Style vs comfort is a big issue and it would be so nice to see some solutions to that problem, too, especially when it starts to get cold out. What kind of format do you plan on using? Will it be like “steal her look” or some other way? Will you also address fashion on a budget?

    I think with both blog ideas, you have interesting topics and a lot of room to expand and be creative! I’d love to read either one of them.

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