The Story Behind My Passion

In Its What I Do, Addario mentions a discussion she has with her grandmother, Nina. After a encounter with a past love after many years, Nina said that she realized she had been missing her passion for so long. She stated that her life with her husband, Ernie, had been comfortable, and enjoyable, but it was never filled with the excitement that came from her love, her passion. Addario knew that if she has sacrificed her passion, her “Sal”, for anything, that this excitement would be gone from her life.

For me that excitement comes from the purchase of a new pair of shiny, black Chelsea boots. That excitement comes from the confidence I feel when I am wearing a new outfit. My whole life, I have always been in awe of the power clothing has to change the way people look at others, and themselves.

As a child, I would always stare, shinny eyes, at the glossy fashion magazines that lined the checkout lane at the supermarket. At three years old, I would sit cross legged on my aunt’s bed, helping her pick out outfits I thought would suit her. I dreamed of having a closet filled with endless sweater and skirts, one in every color. As the youngest of three sisters, however, my closest was instead filled with hand me down sweatshirts and jeans. I fantasized about going on a wild shopping spree, tossing everything I wanted into a cart, and skipping off into the sunset, like I saw in one of the many Mary Kate and Ashley Olson shopping montages I would watch on repeat.

Even though I am Pre-med, and will never pursue a career in fashion, I would never give up my passion for clothing. Fashion brings an excitement, that even science cannot bring me, no matter how much I love it. Fashion is something I do for myself, and myself only, it is my “Sal.”

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  1. Hi Pritika,
    I really like your analysis of Addario’s story, and how you directly connected passion and “Sal” (your closing sentence was a great touch, too.” The language you used to tell your story about why you love fashion was so vivid, I felt like it was starting to be my passion, too! Your excitement for it is evident and very catching, which will make reading your blogs a pleasure.
    – Katherine Kauma

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