Writerly Strategies

In a post 9/11 world, Addario faced new challenges, and harsher working environments. Addario specifically talks about the work she did in Pakistan. In her recount of the being stuck in a protest, where she received verbal and physical blows. Addario’s writing during these moments becomes rushed and intense, and invokes similar feelings in the reader. Addario’s use of strong verbal language such as citing chants of opposition againstAmerica, and burning effigies of President Bush. The sharp and aggressive imagery really made the reader feel as though they were there. Addario’s stylistic choices improves her writing by making the style fit with the situation. The application of such stylistic choices can improve any type of writing.

In my own passion blog, I hope to apply such stylistic choices in order to make my writing better fit both the situation I am commenting on, along with the views of my audience. By making such changes, I am able to make my writing more enjoyable to read by my audience, as well as make my writing more recognizable. In my passion blogs, I hope to use more anecdotes to help support certain posts. Fashion is such a personal part of my life, so by adding stories of how each fashion post relates to my own life story is far more impactful than me simply providing fashion tips. I hope that my blog becomes a place, where even if my reader’s fashion is not “on trend” that they can still relate to my belief that fashion is more of an expression of ones self, than conforming to societal ideals. Through this simple stylistic choice, I would be able to build a stronger, emotional connection with my audience. I think that by doing so, readers will be able to get more out of reading my posts, other than simple fashion advice. My reader will get to know me, and themselves, and I think that is just as important.


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  1. Pritika, I think you’re idea to add more anecdotes your writing is definitely well thought out. This will make your posts more relatable to readers, especially since your blog is about fashion. Employing these anecdotes will consolidate your ethos and pathos. Hopefully adding these anecdotes will help differentiate your blog from the dozens of other fashion blogs out there. Addario’s writing is very vivid and in the moment when she’s in her element taking photos in the most exotic of places, kind of like how I feel when I go to Zara. Serious question, do you shop at Zara?

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