A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Pictures have the incredible ability to say more about a situation than any analysis can provide. Through pictures are able to break down the wall which splits what we think we know and what is. Addario knew this fact more than anyone, and through her pictures was able to tell the story that words could not capture. In the book, Addario included some of the most striking photos she captured during her time in the Middle East. Her photos humanized war, and effectively connected her audience to people they have never know, and will never meet.

The first image that caught my attention is the photo of the young boy with bandaids covering his face, as tears fill his eyes on page 220. The photo is extremely moving because it evokes feelings of guilt within the reader. Something about the way he looks at the camera, almost screams “why did this have to happen” without ever saying a word. Images such as these are extremely powerful, especially when along side images of war. I makes the reader question why such awful things happen, and more importantly, the effect war has on those who live through it.


The second image is that of a women with her eyes close, as a single tear rolls down her cheek on page 210. This image was really powerful to me because it captured the idea of suffering in silence really well. From many of these marginalized groups, very few people know what the endure every single day. The image of the women crying in such a soft way communicated the silence in which these people suffer, as well as the silence in terms of the lack of help and aid these people are receiving from other nations. 

Addario used her own images in her book to help the reader understand her writing, and the situations she discusses more clearly. Her photos also provided a humanistic element to her writing, which captured the emotions she described aptly. In my passion blog, I attempt to utilize visuals as a tool of better communication to my audience, by providing a visual of the outfit I as describing. Through the use of a reference photo, my audience is better able to recreate the look with the pieces they already have access to. Photos are an extremely useful tool in helping a audience better visualize the world you are attempting to build with your writing.

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  1. Pritika,
    I agree with your analysis of how her photos humanized war and showcased how the war affected families. The emotional appeals shown by these images portray how detrimental the ongoing violence is on children and women, who are just trying to live their lives peacefully. Another piece I would add to your analysis is the effect these photographs have on the intended audience. I would do this to show why including photos is so important for the portraying the underlying message to the audience. Other than that, it was a well written description.

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