TED Talk Outline

Open with an Anecdote about packing for college

  • talk about the abundance of items that I rarely use on a day to day        basis
  • Talk about the wastefulness of such living

Discuss the 1950’s spending culture of Americans

  • GI bill lowered the price of living in suburbs for middle class Americans
  • Economic growth increased do to post war industrial stimulation
  • Technology made the price of goods decrease, by cutting down on labor costs

Discuss Early 2000’s consumeristic society

  • Materialistic dogma created by generations of spending
  • The defining character of the early 2000’s was the opulent spending which eventually lead to the economic crisis of 2008
  • Eventually all that spending caught up to us

20008 Market Crash

  • Opened up the doors for a reduction in spending on goods
  • Reduced investment in material goods

Birth of the minimalist movement

  • The shift from materials defining our success, younger Americans are more interested in investing in experiences, and reducing the amount of material things they accumulate
  • Discuss the modern brands, such as Podshare and Cladwell who are providing to a

Why the minimalist movement best fits the 21st century and has persisted

  • Reduces cost to the individual
  • reduces environmental waste through the reduction in the production of goods.
  • Has given rise to a generation that is not ashamed of shopping at second hand stores, but has made it trend in fashion.
  • Has defined the aesthetic of the decade

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