State of Mind

Our deliberation topic is the mental health on Penn State’s campus, and is titled State of Mind. We hope to address the issues facing students, as well as the options students currently have available to them for treatment. The approach I am responsible for researching is the role of CAPS in student mental health care. We believe that CAPS, though a great resource, is not reaching students. Many students are unaware of the service CAPS can provide them, and therefore don’t seek help at all. My role is to help research CAPS services, as well as collect data on how CAPS is currently advertised to students. Last class, I send a contact email to a CAPS representative, to arrange a time we could meet, and discuss the services CAPS provides. As of today, we have not heard back from CAPS, and are awaiting a response. Last class, my partner Kate Kirk and I wrote up potential interview questions we could like to ask the CAPS representative when given the opportunity. Below are the questions:

Interview Questions

  • What is the mission of CAPS?
  • How many students utilize CAPS’ services each year?
  • How many free visits are offered to students?
  • What services are most used by students?
  • What is the expected wait time for a student to meet with a counselor?
  • How long can students stay with CAPS?
  • Will CAPS transfer students to outside help?
  • What do you think keeps students from seeking help from CAPS?
  • Do you provide services in locations other than the Student Health Center?

During tomorrow’s class period, we will continue to collect information off of the CAPS website, and compile our general background information. I also hope to discuss a plan in case a CAPS representative does not response before the following class period.

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