Analysis of the Appeals of an Advocacy Web Site

I chose to analyze the National Riffle Association (NRA) website, as I do not  support the organization, or the issues, gun ownership,  that the organization advocate for. However there were some logical appeal the website employs to persuade visitors of the site to support the organization, and advocate for gun ownership.

  1.  Describing the Gun Safety Courses

Under the about the NRA tab, the website provides information on the current projects the NRA funds. One of these projects is the education of gun use and safety. The website claims that over 125,000 certified instructors now train about 1,000,000 gun owners a year. Through providing information and fact such as this on the program can make many visitors view the NRA as more than just an advocacy group, but rather as a program that encourages responsible gun ownership. They also utilize the use of this program to support their claim that gun ownership can be safe. The website try really hard to tell readers that they are the premier gun safety leader in the U.S., and being up this point would make many people more open to the NRA as a gun education group, opposed to a group only interested in keeping gun in the hands of citizens.

2.  A Charitable Organization

The NRA website also advertises what they call charitable work they support, by stating that since their establishment in 1990, they’ve awarded nearly $369 million in grant funding in support of the shooting sports. The website also appeals to readers emotions, by making claims that by donating this money to shooting sports, it encourages family values, by providing opportunities for families to bond over hunting, and shooting activities. By appealing to this idea of family bonding, the NRA is able to appear as a organization that cares for families, as opposed to a gun lobbying organization. As seen in this graphic from the NRA website.