The Story Behind My Passion

In Its What I Do, Addario mentions a discussion she has with her grandmother, Nina. After a encounter with a past love after many years, Nina said that she realized she had been missing her passion for so long. She stated that her life with her husband, Ernie, had been comfortable, and enjoyable, but it was never filled with the excitement that came from her love, her passion. Addario knew that if she has sacrificed her passion, her “Sal”, for anything, that this excitement would be gone from her life.

For me that excitement comes from the purchase of a new pair of shiny, black Chelsea boots. That excitement comes from the confidence I feel when I am wearing a new outfit. My whole life, I have always been in awe of the power clothing has to change the way people look at others, and themselves.

As a child, I would always stare, shinny eyes, at the glossy fashion magazines that lined the checkout lane at the supermarket. At three years old, I would sit cross legged on my aunt’s bed, helping her pick out outfits I thought would suit her. I dreamed of having a closet filled with endless sweater and skirts, one in every color. As the youngest of three sisters, however, my closest was instead filled with hand me down sweatshirts and jeans. I fantasized about going on a wild shopping spree, tossing everything I wanted into a cart, and skipping off into the sunset, like I saw in one of the many Mary Kate and Ashley Olson shopping montages I would watch on repeat.

Even though I am Pre-med, and will never pursue a career in fashion, I would never give up my passion for clothing. Fashion brings an excitement, that even science cannot bring me, no matter how much I love it. Fashion is something I do for myself, and myself only, it is my “Sal.”

Blog Post Ideas

I consider myself someone with a myriad of interests. I have always really enjoyed learning a new skill, developing a talent, or challenging myself with opportunities for self betterment! However, these interests pale in comparison to my passions. My passions may not seem mutually exclusive, but I like to make both a large part of my life. My two passions are that of science, school and learning, and my passion for fashion.

If I were to focus my passion blog on school, I would focus on posts such as the best places to study on campus, my top ten highly effective study tips, and what activities are fulfilling, while still providing plenty of time for students to hit the books. My posts would most likely cater to a audience of science majors, as I am a biology major, and I am more familiar with the academic life of such students. I think the blog would definitely be useful to a variety of students, especially incoming freshman.

My other passion blog idea is on campus fashion. My blog would focus on what outfits are best for walking on campus, outfit ideas that comply with lab protocol, as well as seasonal looks as we head into the fall and winter seasons. I think the blog would help a lot of girls figure out how to look presentable, while still being comfortable enough to walk on campus, and study. I would also try to interview other students who I think have nice outfits on, and ask them where they got their pieces, what inspired the look, and what advice they would have for my readers.

I think both passion blog ideas are broad enough that I could make multiple posts, while still specific enough to my passions. I also believe that both have a platform here at Penn State. I am currently unsure of which I like better, but will continue to weigh my options over the next few days.