Monthly Archives: August 2016

Well, THAT was interesting.

By now, you probably have your own LionPATH stories to tell.

I suppose it was optimistic to think that we could migrate from an ancient student information system (and while eLION may have looked fine to students the IS behind it was awful) to a new one without a hitch in just one year; we obviously had some problems.

I hope we’ll be able to make improvements over time.  I want students to know that there are MANY people–staff, advisers, faculty, deans, and many more–trying to address the problems. The challenges of trying to move so much information on so many people into an entire new system in one short year have been overwhelming at times.  And this is just one of many changes–Canvas for teaching, Starfish for advising, CourseNet for room scheduling, and even more–are part of our transition. Some have gone better than others. And all are testing everyone’s ability to handle change.

So, we all survived the first week.  Take a deep breath.  Give us a call if you need help.  We are still here trying to do our best for students. We’ll try to make each day a little better. Feel free to share your comments on how we can make HHD and Penn State better for you.