“I Understand Nothing”–Would Michael Scott Come to Faculty Office Hours

I often encourage students to go visit faculty during their office hours.

I often hear faculty tell me students never come to see them during office hours.

Do we need to recreate office hours in 2020 to bring faculty and students together?

A recent tweet by Viji Sathy (https://twitter.com/vijisathy/status/1224494269068730373) highlighted the 3 different types of office hours she uses to connect with students.  I know some of our HHD faculty hold office hours by the Starbucks in the HUB. I’ve sometimes tried “Twitter Office Hours” for students to ask questions.

Would love to hear from HHD students about how they’d like to see faculty office hours changed to meet their needs better.  Send a tweet (https://twitter.com/HHDStudentInfo) or instagram (https://www.instagram.com/pennstatehhd/) with the hashtag #HHDOfficeHours and tell us what you would do to make faculty office hours work for HHD students.

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