The Ramones

I can’t say that I know many people who like them, but I love the Ramones.  The Ramones were really the first punk rock band in the U.S.  They formed in the mid 1970’s with the four original members; Johnny, Joey, DeeDee, and Tommy.  Even though they all associated themselves with the last name “Ramone,” they actually weren’t related.  The Ramones got their name from Paul McCartney’s pseudonym “Ramon.”  They got their first start a CBGB’s which is a really small club on The Bowery in New York City.  Blondie and Television actually got their starts at this club too.  The Ramones weren’t really widely accepted in the United States when they first started out.  Punk rock wasn’t really a genre that many people were familiar with, so they didn’t know how to react to their music.  But after punk rock became more popular, their careers took off.  Many current punk rock bands also admit that the Ramones were a strong influence on their sound and style.  One of their more popular songs is “Blitzkrieg Bop,” which has the lyrics “Hey ho, let’s go!”  It’s been featured in a lot of commercials and movies.

Most people always have a favorite member of a band.  My favorite member would definitely have to be Johnny Ramone.  He was the guitarist and really the brains of the band.  I find him intriguing because he didn’t live a reckless life like all the other band members.  He didn’t do drugs and rarely drank any alcohol, yet he still had the classic “bad boy” image.  It must have been the leather jacket and long hair.  I also feel like I identify with him the most personality wise.  He’s very sarcastic and to the point.  He always spoke his mind and wasn’t afraid of people’s reactions, which I find interesting.  I actually read his autobiography and I found it funny how blunt it was.  He really didn’t sugar coat anything and even though I never knew him, reading the book in his words made me feel like I did.  He actually died in 2004 of cancer though.  And just like the Ramones, his memory will live on.


Above is a picture of the Ramones in 1976.  From the left is Johnny, Tommy, Joey, and DeeDee.

Favorite Songs: Blitzkrieg Bop, Sheena Is A Punkrocker, I Wanna Be Sedated, and Do You Wanna Dance?

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  1. Ahh the Ramones. Not a huge fan, but their music is extremely popular. First song I heard by them was Blitzkrieg Bop when I was a little kid. Other than that I haven’t listened to much of them, just not my sound. As much a I like punk rock, their music is more pop.

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