Alumni Spotlight

Kyle Botteon graduated from The Pennsylvania State University the spring of 2016. While at Penn State he was an executive on the HKN officer board functioning as the Tutoring Chair and was the recipient of the James M. Barnak HKN scholarship. Outside of HKN Kyle was the manager for the Student Space Programs Lab, which at the time was developing the OSIRIS-3U CubeSat. ( Kyle also worked under Dr. Kane on the Snow Drone research project, worked as an EE310 lab assistant and was an active IEEE member.

Now Kyle works in Los Angeles, CA at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), an FFRDC managed by Caltech for NASA. He primarily works with digital electronics, doing design, implementation, and testing for systems. Kyle supports flight missions and R&D efforts most often testing digital hardware, writing FPGA firmware or writing embedded software.